Leveraging Commercial R&D for Improved Weapon Systems
November 8-9, 2000

Conference Background

The objective of this conference is to discuss how commercial technology can be used to improve military systems, and specifically how to improve the transition of commercial R&D results into weapon systems. The conference is being co-hosted by two programs which directly implement this philosphy of Leveraging Commercial Technology, COSSI and DU S&T. COSSI stands for Commercial Operations and Support Savings Initiative and DU S&T is the Dual Use Science and Technology Program.

Among the topics discussed will be ever growing complex military technology needs and how these can be offset by leveraging commercial R&D within new forms of industry-government partnerships.

It's anticipated that approximately 300 industry and military representatives will be present. In addition, there will be approximately 30 exhibits from COSSI and DU S&T Program participants.

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