Integrated Product and Process Development

IPPD Activities:

NCAT led an DoD-sponsored affordability task force which resulted in the 1993 report: Technology For Affordability. In this report, a working group of industry, academia, and government representatives defined the cultural and technical transitions required for Integrated Product/Process Development, the barriers to implementing this type of environment, and the anticipated benefits in terms of cycle time reduction, quality measures increase, and cost reduction.

This report proved to be the birthplace for many of the subsequent activities for NCAT and the Industry and Academic representatives. Development of IPPD training products, dissemination of case studies and lessons learned, and integration into DoD acquisition policy has followed from this working group report.

IPPD Training

IPPD Courses:

NCAT, together with the Georgia Institute Of Technology and Texas Instruments, has created several training courses for IPPD. The first course was conducted for program managers in the U.S. Army in 1994, and consisted of a three-day schedule with experts from NCAT, Georgia Tech, and various Industry projects. The course was taught around a generic IPPD design methodology, with lectures on the required tools and case studies illustrating the transitions from traditional to a concurrent engineering approach for affordability.

Another course was contracted by the U.S. Navy and was conducted repeatedly from October, 1996 through May, 1997. It was intended for Navy program managers, contract representatives, and technical personnel. The agenda for this three day course was developed to include a broad introduction to IPPD as well as discussion and experience in the various IPPD tools.

IPPD Video Training

NCAT is currently offering a 12-module video series on IPPD as a training tool for industry and government. This series is currently being used by the US Navy and Air Force as part of the DoD Acquisition Reform effort to train government program managers. This Interactive Video Course can be ordered through NCAT today. If one is interested in this training, please refer to the overall perspective of this training , which was organized as an interactive workshop with exercises and examples.

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