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Focus on the S in the O&S costs. Assist in the identification of resources needed to improve sustainment technologies and attempt to identify these sustainment technologies as they apply to procurement of new systems.


Conduct a thorough study of weapons systems sustainment. Highlight barriers, cost drivers, and issues confronting industry in their attempts to reduce sustainment costs. Provide methods for reducing the growing cost and effort of Sustainability by identifying high cost drivers of major weapons systems, determine what portion of those costs could be reduced effectively and identify the barriers or innovative solutions for reducing or eliminating the high cost area. Take the results of the analysis to the attention of the decision-makers in the Department of Defense in the form of plans or recommendations.

Possible process to gather needed information:

  1. Focus on a single weapons system (e.g. F-16.)
  2. Breakout the O&S costs for the system into categories such as: POL, Ammunition, Consumables, Maintenance (Concept plus organic vs. contractor depot), Spares, Personnel, Logistics footprint (mobility), Avionics DMS, Support Equipment, Joint Vision 2010, etc.
  3. Achieve an understanding of the systemic causes of the costs.
  4. Achieve an understanding of the costs associated with recruiting, training and sustainment of personnel by category: avionics, engines, airframes, weapons etc.
  5. Brainstorm a variety of alternative approaches to find existing models, which have tackled these problems to determine what if any cost savings could result.

Sustainment Team Membership

Member name Company Name
Pertowski, Ted, Chair GEC Marconi
Berecz, Karen Raytheon
Birchfield, Burt The Boeing Company
DeCaire, John National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
Fernandez, Charlie Lockheed Martin (Dallas)
Friedericy, Hans Allied Signal
Francis, Emmett GEC-Marconi H
Gordon, Mark NCAT
Lindsey, Paul Marconi Aerospace
McCarty, Frank Society of Manufacturing Engineers
McClendon, Eddie Raytheon
Michel, Fred Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Schaaf, Cliff Lockheed Martin
Schwach, Clifton Rockwell Collins
Shaw, Tom Anderson
Siegel, Stan NCAT
Syslo, Joe NCAT
Wright, Brian Rockwell Collins

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